Iglesia Ni Cristo



The Iglesia ni Cristo (INC, Filipino for Church of Christ) is a religion originating in the Philippines. Noted for its chapel architecture of narrow-pointed spires, it was founded and registered with the Filipino government by Felix Manalo on July 27, 1914, and claims to have been established by Jesus in the last days through fulfillment of biblical prophecies.


The Iglesia ni Cristo has grown to become possibly the second-largest single Christian religion in the Philippines and has grown to thousands of congregations in over 84 countries and territories throughout the world. Although the church does not disclose the exact number of members, estimates of worldwide membership range from 3 to 10 million.


Ever since former Philippine president Manuel L. Quezon created a lasting friendship after asking Felix Manalo for advice, the INC has been known for its strong political influence. It was well-known for its support of Ferdinand Marcos until his ouster during the EDSA Revolution of 1986. INC members are noted for their bloc voting in Philippine elections, and some Philippine media credit the INC bloc vote for the presidential campaign victory of Joseph Estrada in 1998, and the re-election of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2004. In contrast, Arroyo's father, Diosdado Macapagal refused INC's preferred support during his runs for Vice President in 1957, and re-election for President in 1965–in which he incidentally lost to Marcos. Based on his political and religious views, he referred to the INC as "harmful to democracy because it forces its believers to vote solidly in elections" in his autobiography.

Until 2000, the INC also distributed lists of supported candidates for elections in the United States.


God's Message (formerly Pasugo) is the INC's monthly magazine. Printed in both Tagalog and English, the magazine consists of letters to the editor, news from locales worldwide, religious poetry, articles relating to INC beliefs, a directory of locales and schedules of worship services.


There are 28 primary doctrines in the INC, some of which are: There is only one God, the Father; Christ, the Son of God, is a man and was sent by God to be the only mediator between men and God; the Bible is the sole basis for spiritual guidance; one needs to be commissioned by God in order to preach the Gospel; Felix Manalo is the fulfillment of several Biblical prophecies both from the Old and New Testaments, and was sent to reestablish the original Church of Christ.


There are four organizations in the Church, with all members belonging to one:Children's Worship Service or CWS, designed to help children understand INC teachings and prepare them for baptism.

1. Binhi, meaning "seed" for baptized members up to the age of 17.

2. Kadiwa, meaning "youth with pure intent" for unmarried members 18 and over.

3. Buklod, meaning "united in marriage" for all married members.Each organization's goal is to increase fellowship and unity between members of the same age group.

On average, each group has one meeting per month wherein messages from the administration are read, and activities such as sports and community programs are sponsored by each group in keeping with the same goal.


The INC's center of operations is the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Office in New Era, Quezon City. The central office is currently being administered by executive minister Erano G. Manalo and deputy executive minister Eduardo V. Manalo, who are the son and grandson of Felix Y. Manalo, respectively. The church owns and operates the New Era University, New Era Hospital (both near the headquarters in Diliman), and broadcasts its religious programs with its own stations, 1062 kHz DZEC-AM radio and the NET-25 television station under its Eagle Broadcasting Corporation.


Felix Ysagun Manalo is the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo, a church established in the Philippines in 1914. He was born Felix Ysagun in 1886-05-10 to Mariano Ysagun and Bonifacia Manalo, but later had his last name changed to Manalo after his mother's death, in reverence to his mother, historians claim, and also to fortify his ministry, Manalo meaning 'victory' in Tagalog. Others claim the change was an attempt to leave obscurity, Manalo being a more prominent name than Ysagun.

Manalo was baptized a Roman Catholic, but at a young age went through a successtion of faiths. He joined the local spiritist cult, and was an atheist at one point, but later joined the Methodist Episcopalian Church after witnessing a debate. He attended their seminary and became a pastor. He later joined the Christian and Missionary Alliance, to which he got attracted to the way their converts were being baptized, which was by immersion.

His ministry led him into a debate with Mr L.V. Finster of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He lost, and was convinced into joining the Adventists. In his ministry with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, he went into a falling away with the administration with accusations of his moral indiscretion. He started his own Church patterned mostly from the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He called it Iglesia ni Cristo.

He has claimed to be the fulfillment of bible prophecy, among which are the ravenous bird of Isaiah 46:11, the shepherd of John 10:16, the fifth angel of Revelation 7:1, etc.

He was married to Tomasa Sereneo, with whom him he had a child who died in infancy. Tomasa herself was afflicted with tuberculosis and died as well. He later married Honorata de Guzman, a fellow Adventist. Their fifth child, Erano Manalo, now heads the Church. Felix Manalo was afflicted with an intestinal disease and died in April 12, 1963.


Eduardo Villanueva Manalo, colloquially known as "Ka Eddie" and "Eddie Boy", is the grandson of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) founder Felix Ysagun Manalo and is the son of the current INC Executive Minister Erano G. Manalo. He is now the current deputy Executive Minister of the INC, an indigenous religious sect (called a cult by some) in the Philippines founded in 1914. He is currently being groomed to soon replace his father (born 1925) as head of the church, while his son Sebastian Manalo is expected to fill the position of Vice Executive Minister.

He was born October 31, 1955, to Erano G. Manalo and Cristina Villanueva. Prior to being appointed to his senior role in the church, he was an active amateur radio enthusiast and ran a local radio frequency bulletin board service at a time when Internet access in the Philippines was practically non-existent.

He is said to have been instrumental in the founding of an organization within the Iglesia Ni Cristo called "The Association of Christians in Information Technology"and (http://www.ascii.org/) serves as its president. According to their site, they are an organization consisting of Iglesia Ni Cristo members in the IT field who perform computer-related assistance to the church. More recently, their website downplays the connection between them and the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

In February 2004, when running for re-election, President Arroyo and her campaign manager, Michael Defensor, paid a "courtesy call" on Eduardo Manalo. This appears to have paid off when INC came out in support of the incumbent's campaign in early May. "We would like to thank all our brothers in the Iglesia Ni Cristo, particularly Ka Erdie and Ka Eduardo, for the support..." said Defensor in a television news interview. Arroyo went on to win the election, in which the INC bloc vote was probably the determining factor.


Eraño de Guzman Manalo (colloquially known as "Ka Erdy") is the fifth child of Iglesia Ni Cristo founder Felix Y. Manalo and his second wife, Honorata De Guzman.

Eraño G. Manalo was born on January 2, 1925. He took up law but left his studies to become a minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo and then, became general treasurer of the Church and circulation manager of the Pasugo magazine. During this time, he wrote a 64 page booklet entitled, "Christ-God: Investigated-False".

On January 17, 1955, Eraño Manalo married Cristina Villanueva, and now has six children, with his son Eduardo serving as deputy executive minister. He is said by many to have a warm, friendly personality, but is reputed to be an authoritative and decisive leader by friends and foes alike. Up until recently, he would meet once a week with visitors within the Church and outside in the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Office located in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

Ten years before his father's death in 1963, Eraño Manalo was elected successor to his father as Executive Minister.


The Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Office is located on Commonwealth Ave., Diliman Quezon City, Philippines. It is a large complex which includes a chapel, hospital, the New Era high school and college, as well as the head offices of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

A residence for the Manalo family, the scions of INC founder Felix Y. Manalo are also on the premises, but in an underground, undisclosed location, due to threats.


Mga larawan ng mga taong binugbog ng mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo ni G. Manalo noong Abril 18, 2005 sa harap ng Jollibee sa Apalit, Pampangga. Ang pambubugbog ay naganap matapos ang pag-uusap ng manggagawa ng taga-Ang Dating Daan at ng ministro ng Iglesia Ni Cristo (ni Felix Manalo).

Isang matandang myembro ng Iglesia ni Cristo habang sinasakal ang isang myembro ng Ang Dating Daan.

Myembro ng Ang Dating Daan na kasamang nabugbog habang pinapanood ang paggamot sa kanyang kasamang binugbog din.

Ilang mga taong kasama sa binugbog ng mga myembro ng Iglesia ni Cristo na itinatag ni G. Felix Manalo.

Napasuka habang ginagamot. Isa sa may pinaka malalang kalagayan matapos pagtulung tulungang bugbugin ng mga kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo na itinatag ni G. Felix Manalo.

Nawalan ng malay habang ginagamot dahil sa tindi ng pinsalang natamo sa dahil tulong tulong na pangbubugbog.

Ang isa sa may pinakamalalang kalagayan matapos pagtulung tulungang bugbugin ng mga kaanib sa INC.

Positibong kinilala ng mga biktima ang mga nangbugbog sa kanila na sina Mario Alfaro, Angelo Alfaro, Ramil Alfaro, Rudy Sese, Teofilo Sese, Eddy Sese, Carding Sese, Joseph Balagtas at isang nagngangalang Bong.


Ministro ng Iglesia ni Cristo na itinatag ni G. Felix Manalo sa Pilipinas habang nanggugulo sa isang Grand Pulong na isinasagawa sa General Trias, Cavite ni G. Eliseo Soriano (Punong Tagapangasiwa ng Ang Dating Daan) noong Abril 18, 2005.

Ministro ng INC habang hindi nahihiyang magsenyas ng dirty finger (fuck you sign) sa mga taong dumalo sa Grand Pulong.


Pangunahing balita sa isang pahayagan sa Pilipinas - IGLESIA NI CRISTO HEAD : ANGEL OR MANIAC?



Ilan sa mga ugali ng mga kaanib sa Iglesia Ni Cristo na kasalukuyang pinangangasiwaan ni G. Erano Manalo.

Front page sa isang disenteng pahayagan sa Pilipinas -- Tatlong kaanib sa INC, hinuli dahil sa pagpugot ng ulo at pagsunog ng dalawang taong kanilang nakaaway.


Mga opisyal na doktrina, turo o aral ni G. Felix Manalo at ng mga ministro ng Iglesia ni Cristo (Manalo) ukol sa pananampalatayang Muslim.

"... Si Mahoma ay umasa sa impluwensya moral sa pangangaral ng kanyang ebanghelio, subalit nalaunan ay binago ang kaniyang mga pamamaraan at naging isang mandirigma na pinangunahan ang kaniyang nagkakaisa at MABABANGIS na mga Arabe sa PAGSASAKOP SA HINDI NYA KAPANANAMPALATAYA: SA BAWA'T BANSA O ANGKAN AY PINAMILI NILA ANG MGA KAAWAY SA KAPALIT NG ISLAM, ANG PAGBIBIGAY NG BUWIS O KAMATAYAN. ..."

"... Ang paniniwala ukol sa Diyos ng mga MAHOMETANO ay nababatay sa Matanda sa halip na sa Bagong Tipan. Inilarawan siya na isang MABANGIS, hindi nagbabawa na MAPANIIL na taga-silangan na WALANG PAG-IBIG sa sangkatauhan o hindi mga lalagad ni Mahoma. ..."